Who we are

The Kuriakos group (or platform) is managed and promoted by the company Motes & Ideias, and covers a wide range of activities. The aim of the Kuriakos.com website is to showcase and promote all the brands in the Kuriakos group.

The content produced by the Kuriakos Group brands is mostly Christian in inspiration, in keeping with the meaning of the word “Kuriakos” – belonging to God. It also presents productions of a generalist nature, disseminating the knowledge and culture of regions and populations, both nationally and internationally, in its various aspects:
  – artistic;
  – architectural;
  – gastronomic;
  – habits and customs;

The Kuriakos Group works primarily with:
  – the production, broadcasting and distribution of television content;
  – production and distribution of music content;
  – publishing literary works;
  – organising events;


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